Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Items Posted

There are some new Ralph McQuarrie Items posted on the website. The Ark of the Covenant print is back, as well as a few "Signed" ones.

From ACME ARCHIVES is the the limited edition of 100 Boba Fett print that premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2009. We are offering A/P's from Ralph's personal inventory.

Last but not to say the least is Original Star Wars Portfolio prints that have been in storage for awhile because these have Ralph's full signature on them from around 1996-1998.

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1 comment:

Brandon said...

Oh wow... those are some truly awesome items! I really want the Ark print and the Rebel Hanger print, and some of the other original portfolio prints as well! Maybe they'll be around long enough that I can buy them once my credit card has recovered from the summer months :)