Friday, July 11, 2008

Art of Ralph McQuarrie Panel at Celebration Japan

Just a quick update for those of you who will be attending Star Wars Celebration Japan. John Scoleri of Dreams and Vision Press will be giving a presentation on The Art of Ralph McQuarrie on Sunday from 1-2pm on the Fan & Collector stage.

He'll discuss and display examples of Ralph's body of work, including his non-Star Wars art, and be unveiling for the first time ANYWHERE several of the never before seen Star Wars illustrations recently discovered in Ralph's personal files, a fraction of which are reproduced in the Celebration Japan exclusive Star Wars: The Art of Ralph McQuarrie.

Attendees of the panel will receive the special McQuarrie Bantha Tracks logo bookmark created exclusively for Celebration Japan (while supplies last).

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Unknown said...

Did the Celebration Japan special edition sell out? If so, congrats - if not,then when will the remainders be made available? Thanks!